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Colour Curing and Drying Tobacco in a Greenhouse?
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Author:  mr1992 [ Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Colour Curing and Drying Tobacco in a Greenhouse?

Hey there,

it's harvest time, and I'm a little lost where to cure and dry my leaves. Last time, I hung them in a barn, yielding mediocre results; they did dry alright, but some were a little mouldy and others didn't really brown properly; they turned out to be a good smoke after fermenting it, though they did turn out rather mild flavour-wise; the strains were Sumatra, Pergeu, Maryland, and Java. This year, I've resorted to colour cure them in my greenhouse, just because I know the humidity is relatively high and they're already turning a nice yellow, if at a much faster pace than in the barn (dunno if that's all that great for usually they should dry quite slowly). Additionally, they're not drying out completely and are still pliable. Thing is, I dunno whether conditions will remain good and if the greenhouse won't turn into a mould-fest once we progress into autumn.
I grow my tobacco in southern Germany, the greenhouse I use is basically a plastic tent which heats up very nicely but will probably turn cold just as quickly during autumn. I can check up on it every day whereas the barn I can check at most once or twice every week. It's set up in a relatively dark corner; the strains I've grown are Havanna, Corojo, Pereg, and Texana (Rustica).

Any input would be greatly appreciated for I'm really at a loss on how to proceed, so thanks in advance for any responses :-)

Author:  Marie [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Colour Curing and Drying Tobacco in a Greenhouse?

Hello from France ! I cure my tobacco in the greenhouse (glass). Last year, I started my seeds very late (July) so I had leaves hanging in the greenhouse until mid November. During hot days in summer, the problem I have had with a few leaves was that they were drying too fast and had green spots on them. My greenhouse is very dry during summer. To get the humidity higher, I water the ground (dirt) every evening. So, about the green spots, I just dipped the leaves several times in a bucket of water until most of them finally turned brownish. Anyway, it is not so much a problem , I know I packed some leaves with dark green spots on them and I still haven't found them when I prepare a batch to smoke. Maybe, they have all turned brown after a few months in the cardboard box? As for Autumn, yes it is not easy. The greenhouse gets very humid and mold can start. The mold can easily be wiped off with a soft cloth. But anyway,you can't leave your tobacco in a "mouldy"environment . I just moved the remaining leaves in the bathroom or near the stove, depending on what they needed, wet or dry. By moving everybodu around like that, I mananged to save them all and they taste great !

Author:  mr1992 [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Colour Curing and Drying Tobacco in a Greenhouse?

Hey Marie,

thanks for your reply; I've now gone ahead and packed my leaves in the greenhouse (quite literally, that thing is full to the brim now :-x) and follow your advice; results so far aren't too bad, I'll definitely try your method for the ones with the green spots once we're not drowning in rain anymore :P

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