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Pipe Tobacco Blend
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Author:  McFortner [ Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pipe Tobacco Blend

J.T.Coat wrote:
Thanks McFortner, that's a really useful article.

What kind of pipes/tobacco do you smoke yourself? Do you blend your own or buy a commercial blend?

J.T., I'm glad to hear it's of use to you. Right now as far as tobacco goes a little of both. I do smoke commercial blends, but I've gotten some bulk blending tobacco from 4noggins and have experiment with making my own English blend, as well as modifying commercial blends that just missed the mark with me. I've even saved the cut off caps from cigars and cigars that have split to use for blending. Once my home grown tobacco is cured it will get added to my tobacco cellar for use blending. The good thing is I haven't had a bad mix yet.

As far as pipes are concerned, I'm not too picky. Which is good considering I'm on a disability and can't really afford expensive pipes. I have mostly MM cobs, basket pipes, and estate pipes. As long as it smokes fine, I don't care too much about what name is stamped on the shank.


Author:  J.T.Coat [ Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pipe Tobacco Blend


Good to hear your blends have all worked out McF, I also save cigar caps to mix in but have blended some bummers...........

Totally agree- a good pipe is one that smokes well regardless of brand - though I do fancy splashing out on a Peterson one day as my Dad smoked them.

I don't have any commercial pipes, had a M.M. once - liked it - if I look hard enough I'll probably find it. The 'photo above shows the pipes I use most at the moment. Top one smokes best, don't use it as much as the middle one as it's more delicate. Bottom one is pretty robust but bowl is small - good for overalls pocket and a plug of strong 'baccy in a 10 minute tea break.

All of these cost nothing apart from time to make - that's no cost as I enjoy making them - and they really do smoke beautifully.

The "Pipes In Progress" 'photos are, well, in progress.


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