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 Post subject: Re: Tobacco rollers
PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:58 am 

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Don't think any of us who live in big cities enjoy it! Unfortunately it's where the jobs are, and like it our not, you gotta pay the bills. If you own property (even outright) you got property tax. Then there's car insurance if you gonna drive anywhere. Water, electric, gas it goes on and on!
I go out to the country and see those local folks workin at the convenience store at minimum wage, rotate in and out of there like a ferris wheel. Those with good jobs drive 50 miles to Ft. Worth, back and forth every day, so that's not living either! No easy solutions, life is hard. Enjoy the good times when you got em, cause change is the only constant.
Gotta get back on that water pump, see ya!
Regards, Neal

 Post subject: Re: Tobacco rollers
PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:52 pm 

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LOL I see and agree LOL


Well aparently RC likes big cities and hopes to even live down town in a big city someday . Hey nothin wrong with that if that floats your boat .

And yes I'm sure some are forced to live in a big city or at least commute to one for work . And I suppose many wouldn't have it any other way and could probably list a list of reasons why they would never live in the country .

Anyhow my comment wasn't to inflame you or anyone . It was just my thoughts concerning the " big city " and was to RC whom wishes to live down town in the city .

As far as bills even people in the country have bills , taxes and yes even mortages to pay . Your not the only one having to pay those spenitures just to own something out right . Besides none of us own a dayum thing . Some do get to use it like theirs till they die but nothings owned out right or in fee simple in city nor country alike . It all belongs to big brother and he will collect taxes on it no matter whom calls it theirs for a short time .

but life is what we make of it and that includes just where we live . No one has to live in or commute to a city they deside to do this . Mostly because they like the trade off and it works for them providing them with a way of life .

You can move to the country anytime you wish . Sure you might have to drive a used car instead of a new car . But if your willing to make certain changes country life and fresh air can be yours near most all "big cities " anywhere .

So if you live in or work in a big city it's because YOU choise to do just that . Me I choose to live in the sticks . You can keep the high paying jobs I can live very cheaply in the country and dont need a high paying job . Had one and traded it for the fresh air about 30 years ago . Thats a trade off that works just fine by me .

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