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 Post subject: Kajari Melons
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:51 pm 

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I mentioned in some post or other last spring that we were going to try growing a new kind of melon from India this year. It's a rare melon and only one seed vendor in the US (Baker Creek Seeds) has them available right now and they are a bit pricey. 10 seeds for $4.50, plus $3.50 shipping!

We worked out a deal with the folks at Baker Creek Seeds and got a contract to do a good sized grow out of these interesting melons. They supplied us with the seed. We started them in our greenhouse about 3 weeks before the last frost date to give them a bit of a head start. That worked great, except for one thing. Right at planting time the Kajari's and our Watermelons were hit by a root fungus. It made them look like they were dying of thirst because the fungus was killing all the little feeler roots. We lost about a dozen watermelons in the first couple weeks after planting but the rest shook it off and did great from then on.

The Karjari Melons suffered much worse. We lost about 50 plants and most of the patch just looked horrible during the second week of June. I thought about tilling them all under and planting more beans. But then they started to make a comeback. By July the survivors were pretty decent looking plants and exploded with growth during the rest of the month. They started blooming, and covered the bare spots before long and then covered the walkways between the rows. In spite of the horrible start, they did great! We have since found an organic approved fungicide we can use in the future if this happens again.

We picked our first melon about the 21st of August and have picked hundreds since. About 1/3 of the crop was still in the field when it froze and killed all the plants. We left the green melons in the field to see if they would still ripen, and about 90% did. We will pick the last of them tomorrow. We have been selling them at farmers markets and from our house in halves with the seeds removed. We took 123 lbs to our local food bank this week too, all cleaned and packaged with 2 melons per bag. We will have that many more for them next week too.

Kajari's taste every much like Honeydews. To me, some have a hint of summer apple to them. They are delicious! Most have a light green flesh, but the occasional melon is yellow inside. The yellows are a bit milder in flavor. I'll post a page on my website with lots of photos of them and more details in the coming weeks, but here is a couple picks I posted this week.

We have more than enough seed to meet our contract with Baker Creek, and they have an option to buy all our surplus seed if they want to keep it exclusive. So they may still be the only big seed company that has them for next season. But I suspect the price on the seed may be coming down some now. We will have them available on our website too for the same price we sell everything else at. :D


 Post subject: Re: Kajari Melons
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:31 pm 
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Those are really cool looking melons! I wonder how those would do in Zone 9? Every year I try watermelons and cantaloupes and never have much luck. Too heavy of soil i guess. Mostly slick sticky clay. But pumpkins do great and I have a few honeydews growing right now. First time ive tried growing them. Seem to do doing good. Ive ordered from Baker Creek earlier this year. Lots of their stuff is kinda pricey but I received more seed than advertised for each thing i ordered. They have some really cool stuff.

There is a few things on your site ive had my eye on for awhile now. Sometime this fall i plan on ordering a few things. Gotta get the extra spending money first. Thats always the hard part!

 Post subject: Re: Kajari Melons
PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:42 pm 
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I will definitely buy some of those kajari from you, Sky!

.and I'll send you some marmot food, too! Kabocha and the french pumpkin seeds.



type 'french pumpkin' into google images!

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