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 Post subject: Because we want to?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:17 pm 
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When I was a kid here in southern Italy everyone smoked, smoking wasn't frowned upon like it is today, and you could smoke anywhere including movie theaters and public transport.
However, it was sort of an unwritten rule that the first to light up would ask "do you mind if I smoke?"

99.9% of the times you got permission without any problems. Only those who *really* couldn't tolerate smoke would say "please don't", almost apologetically.
In fact, sometimes they would say it's ok to smoke but after a while you noticed their faces turning green, and then you realized that it would be better to put out your cigg.

Then, some time in between the late 70s and the early 80s, two things happened at the same time: we began to import anti-smoking sentiments from the US, and just exactly as we were assimilating the "if exists, forbid it" culture from our "liberators", Italian smokers became increasingly arrogant, lighting up without asking and sometimes even refusing to put it out when asked.

Naturally, the result was that anti-smoking laws were passed, forbidding smoking in some public places, then a few more, and increasingly more, and more.
It took almost 40 years but they eventually managed to ban smoking even in bars and night clubs (there are a few ways around, but that's another story)

A few years after the first smoking bans and anti-smoking propaganda, we found out what the real motive behind the anti-smoke crusade was, and still is: they can now increase tobacco taxes beyond any reasonable limits using public health as an excuse. Reality is different, and I apologize in advance for having to use Hitler and the Nazis as an example.

It is widely known that Hitler was kind of a health freak: among other things he was a vegetarian, rarely drank a beer and he didn't smoke at all (kind of unusual in those days), and he wanted the German people to quit smoking or at least smoke less.

So they did it the German way: scientific, methodical approach. First, a study was to find out how much the Germans smoked. Then, an anti-smoking campaign would be run for one year. Finally, the study would be repeated to find out how much the public had been affected.

It turned out that after a year of intensive anti-smoking propaganda, the German people smoked *more* than they did before the campaign.
Hitler, being honestly interested in reducing tobacco consumption, decided to suspend any anti-smoking initiative as it proved counter-productive.

So why do our governments insist?
You guessed it: they don't want us to quit smoking, they want us to keep on smoking but feel guilty about it, so we accept the "punishment" of higher prices "for our own good".

I'm not saying that tobacco is good for your health. Far from that. What I am saying is that it isn't as dangerous as they want us to believe, and probably less dangerous than cars' exhaust gas in a big city, or eating fast food stuff on a regular basis, or regularly drinking soda instead of water.

The idea is that thanks to the smokers' guilt feeling and the negative image of tobacco created by a well organized propaganda, they can keep raising tobacco taxes and we will keep buying it because we are addicted. It worked so far but now it's reaching a breaking point where people actually can't afford it any more, and guess what? Tobacco prices have been increasing at a slower pace, lately.

Call me paranoid but I think we have enough hints to conclude that they don't want us to quit, they want us to spend our last penny on smoke (and gas. and booze. but again, that's another story)

Some do in fact quit smoking. That's an easy thing to do. So easy that the average smoker does it some fifty times during his lifetime.
However, some of us are addicted to tobacco and don't feel bad about it, so we kept buying overpriced tobacco as long as we could afford it, but now they are raising taxes way too much, and another well known phenomenon is beginning to show. When the official stuff is too expensive, people start making their own.

Same happens with alcohol in Russia, Eastern European countries, Scandinavian countries etc. Governments try to discourage alcohol consumption by raising prices, then they raise it too much and people start turning to moonshine and goverment proudly shows statistics that prove a decrease in alcohol *sales*. They fail to realize (or choose to look the other way) that decreased sales not necessarily mean decreased consumption, because illegal sales aren't registered anywhere.

Same is now happening with tobacco.
Personally, I can still afford my weekly ~50 grams of tobacco, but I don't know how long it'll be before I'll need the money for something more vital, but that isn't the reason why I decided to home grow tobacco.

It's kind of a principle thing. I refuse to pay that much taxes (I hear that some 80% of the final price is tax), and I won't let them force me to quit. That's pretty much the whole point.

 Post subject: Re: Because we want to?
PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:53 am 
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That is very fascinating about Hitler... he was up to all kinds of studies.

I've heard rumors here in the US that the government wants to tax the vapor cigarettes like they do the regular kind. But if the tax is for "public health" and vapor cigarettes are not unhealthy... why could you tax vapor cigarettes like regular kinds? Turns out the government is dependent on the taxes from regular cigarettes so they can't afford for people to smoke vapor cigarettes instead. So it begs the question, "Who's really addicted to smoking? The people or the government?"

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